Ditch the Cord With Equo - Now With 80% Battery Savings

July 11, 2017 Randy Mueller

Smartphone Battery Drain

We have some of the greatest Application Developers in the business at Runzheimer. Nothing made this more clear than the amazing advancement we are releasing in our latest update to Equo™, our mileage tracking and field intelligence application.

If you know anything about Runzheimer as a company, you know that technology, service, and expertise are the major pillars that support us as a company. Everything we do to advance our award-winning technology is to better the work lives of our end users.

And we do this by listening. We put a lot of time and effort into asking for feedback from our users and finding out how we can make continuous improvements.  Our users have told us accuracy is critical – it trumps everything. But Equo appeared to drain battery too quickly.

We did not take that feedback lightly. Our team puts in an incredible amount of hours staying up to date to find an innovated solution that leverages the latest technology to reduce the amount of battery drain without sacrificing the industry leading accuracy we are known for.

The results have been outstanding. With the latest update of Equo, our users will experience around 80% in battery savings. This was accomplished by using the activity detection capabilities provided by some of the built-in technology of the phone. These features are the same ones that the “maps” app on your phone uses to determine if you are walking or driving when you are looking for directions.

The addition of our new Smart Tracking engine adds a layer of artificial intelligence to further enhance the experience of our users. We dynamically compensate for differences in user and device behaviors to bring accuracy and precision to a whole new level. 

It was important for us to make these advancements to improve our user’s experiences and offer these updates, free of charge, to every single one of our clients. Other companies in our industry offer similar battery savings, but only if their clients are willing to dig back into their pockets and purchase an additional piece of hardware. If you are not willing to pay, you are out of luck.

That is not how we do business at Runzheimer. We want to make sure every one of our app users, regardless of who they work for, has the latest and greatest technology at all times. This is what sets us apart.

To learn more about Equo and our latest update, visit us here!

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Randy has over 25 years of experience providing clients with professional services, IT solutions, communications and software solutions. He has a very well-balanced mix of large corporate experience combined with high- growth, entrepreneurial ventures. Randy has been an executive stakeholder at Ameritech, EDS, Hewlett-Packard, Dell, and Education Corporation of America.

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