Industry Spotlight - Runzheimer Partners With Medical Device Company

December 9, 2016 Ken Robinson

Medical Supplies Desk

"It sounds great, but it won't work for OUR industry." We get this a lot. The truth is, over the last 80+ years, we've worked with organizations in a diverse number of industries.

Companies from heavy equipment manufacturing to professional baseball teams and everything in between have seen the benefits from re-evaluating their business vehicle programs. We recently worked with a company in the medical device industry, to eliminate tax waste and reduce risk associated with their vehicle reimbursement program.

Before reaching out to us, they were providing a flat car allowance that ranged between $700-$900 a month. They realized that they were paying a significant amount in taxes and wanted a way to reduce how much went to Uncle Sam. They also knew they had a lack of visibility when it came to the level of insurance employees were carrying. Finally, they wanted to maintain the simplicity that came with a car allowance program which meant as little additional administrative work as possible.

Here is their full story:

You might be saying to yourself, "but I am not in the medical device industry...". No problem! Take a look at all our case studies to find a story that better fits your industry or current program.

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Ken Robinson

Ken is a Market Analyst at Runzheimer. He has more than 10 years of experience driving Product Management for data-driven businesses in the workforce mobility space. As a Market Analyst, Ken’s research skills and insights help identify and interpret trends affecting the ever-changing marketplace.

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