Our revitalized brand—a year of reflection

December 19, 2016 Kevin Nelsen

Runzheimer Logos Past and Present

We’re in the midst of the holiday season which means most are knee deep in gift baskets, cookies, shopping receipts, or (for us lucky folks in WI)—snow.  It’s also that time of year when businesses often do a little good old fashioned reflecting on milestones from the past year.  

As a company that’s been building fair and accurate vehicle reimbursement solutions for more than 83 years, Runzheimer’s history is dotted with definitive moments: from our founding in 1933, to 1979 when the IRS began using our business driving calculations to help set the Safe Harbor Rate. From being first to market with a mileage capture app and the first in our industry to integrate with salesforce.com, to the launch our next generation mileage capture app, Equo™. One important milestone to add to this list happened one year ago: the launch of our new website and revitalized brand.

For a company that really invented our industry, this was, well, a really big deal. The project itself was a huge undertaking. Every department was involved and contributed in some way. After months of preparation and planning, showcasing our new website and brand to the world was exciting to say the least. Of course a fresh look is always exciting—but the project was so much more than a new website and logo.

The launch of our revitalized brand represented a renewed declaration of our promise to connect people, companies and their vehicles in ways that drive superior productivity and impactful business intelligence. We strive to make life easier for the mobile worker and to move businesses confidently forward.  As the mobile workforce grows and changes, Runzheimer is here to meet those challenges—and we wanted to refresh our image to reflect that commitment.  It was a commitment to our customers that we were as dedicated as ever to providing best-in-class services to help them reduce costs, increase agility and improve employee satisfaction. While our appearance changed, our dedication to our customers remained the same.

My favorite part of the project was, and still is, our brand video. I love how it captures the energy and passion we feel for our customers and how it connects our business with the people that we affect every day—the participants on our programs. They’re hard working mobile employees who drink lots of coffee and know how to get things done, and we’re here to make their lives on the road as easy as possible. They are why the Runzheimer team comes to work every day.

The launch of the revitalized brand was the start of an exciting chain of events for the company. Shortly after launching our new website, we continued the momentum with the launch of Equo and announcing partnerships with industry leaders like Concur, Samba Safety and Tableau. We continue to explore ways to innovate with technology and exceed our customer’s expectations.  It’s certainly been an exciting year.  Our brand represents a rich past and a bright future for the mobile workforce.  

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Kevin Nelsen

Kevin has been with Runzheimer for 3 years. Starting with the company on the sales team, he moved to marketing where he leads up our social media strategy and trade show plan.

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