Making the Most of Your Business Vehicle Program in 2017

As the calendar flips to a new year, now is the time business leaders spend implementing new strategies for their organizations and clearing a path toward success. Objectives may vary by industry or company size, but there’s one commitment all organizations can make: resolving to run smarter business vehicle (BV) programs in 2017.

Plenty of planning, budgeting and coordination goes into any business vehicle program, but there are two major concerns that executives always keep top of mind, according to Runzheimer’s Workforce Mobility Benchmark report.

  1. Is our program on par with leading organizations in our industry?
  2. Is our program management and administration fully optimized?

Building a best-of-breed program that matches your business objectives and employees’ preferences starts with taking a critical look at your current strategy. Read this tip sheet for four considerations to help your organization make the most of its business vehicle investments in 2017.

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