Recruiting Multigenerational Talent

The Millennial generation now accounts for the largest slice of the U.S. workforce, leaving employers with a number of new recruitment and retention challenges. 

As almost all HR departments contend with an influx of Millennial job candidates, organizations will have to evolve their internal policies and benefits – including their business vehicle and relocation programs – to accommodate this new audience's unique expectations. 

Runzheimer surveyed 200 HR decision-makers at organizations with at least 500 employees, along with 1,000 U.S. adult job seekers, to uncover how well employers' current vehicle and relocation efforts align with recruits' demands. Key findings from the research include:

  • Almost 75% of job seekers would rather have regular remote work days than a company car
  • Only 28% of job seekers feel it's important to move to a new area at least once in their career
  • 56% of HR managers feel it's more difficult to entice Millennials to relocate compared to other generations.
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